Sheltering: What do you miss most?

The shelter in place experience is an eye-opener.  Before we could really imagine what it might be like, we were living it.  What do you miss most about life before sheltering?  Big happy gatherings?  Visiting family?  Not standing in line and wearing masks?  Toilet paper?


I miss all these things.  Happily, I already had toilet paper, so what I miss most right now is a haircut.  Each day my hair seems to have been doing a newer, wilder happy dance.


Yet I have gained something too.  Have you?  I have learned to use this century's technology!  I never would have unless I absolutely had to.  Now I post little video clips and the Temple Sunday services from my living room, and though I may cringe at my hairstyle, I can do it.  I am spectacularly unqualified to make a website, but with help,

I've been doing that also.  I had to ask around to find out what a blog is - now I'm doing one.


Best of all, I've gained deeper gratitude for family and friends, and for members and friends of Lakeside Temple.