We believe God the Good is all there is.  There is no other power.

We believe good is present within absolutely everything, regardless of outer appearance.  What people call 'evil' is just limited expression of good, arising from thoughts of lack and limitation.  Such thoughts lead to fear, and it all comes from the error belief that we are separate from God.

We believe we are all spiritual beings, One in God.

We believe our thoughts shape and form our outer circumstances.

We believe we are always and ever becoming more than we have been.


We believe what Jesus Christ said.

He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

John 14:12

Jesus Christ is our model - He cooperated fully with Divine Love and Divine Law and fulfilled His potential on earth.  He proved for us that Life never ends. Our teachings are based on the Bible, which we interpret metaphysically - there are several layers of meaning.

We want to become our true selves. We are each children of the Most High, yet in many ways we're like spiritual toddlers right now.  We want to fulfill our potential. Spirit is within us and we are learning to cooperate fully with Spirit.

We are each master of our own consciousness - we get to choose our thoughts.  If we decide we're separate from God, that's how it will feel to us.  Yet that's not true. Spirit is right here, in us and around us, closer than breathing.

First we learn to slow our thoughts down so we know what they are.  Then we redirect them as we choose.  Through prayer and meditation, we improve our conscious communion with God and receive Divine guidance from within.  As we know better, we do better.  We come to know God is Love.

Please use our Spiritual Toolbox (below) to re-center yourself.  It contains Scripture, prayers, affirmations, Truth statements, and a short video on how to meditate.