A Truth statement is usually short and pithy.   We use it to remind ourselves of what we already know about living effectively, but forgot in the heat of the moment .  The SPIRITUAL TOOLBOX has some. 

Here's one: DO YOUR EASY BEST.  What does it even mean?  Most of us are taught as children to do our most strenuous best.  We think we're supposed to push ourselves, so "easy" and "best" do not seem to go together.  What this Truth statement means is: do not struggle.  When we're doing something and get to the point where we're gritting our teeth, we're getting in our own way.  Every athlete knows the moment when he or she pushes a little too hard and starts tightening up - and slowing down.

We know that what we focus on is what we attract.  If we start struggling, our attention is consumed with struggle. 

We'd rather just succeed.  So we focus on the task, not on struggling.  Do your easy best!